"Sommarrevyen på Fitjar" is a traditional village revue with easy-to-eat revue numbers that people in the region can recognize themselves in. It is played every summer in the tent at Fitjar Fjordhotell in June and May, for full houses.

The graphic expression was taken out on the following surfaces. Poster, banner, facebook cover, facebook portrait, DM, wine label and t-shirt for the waiters

Fitjarrevyen 2017

I was inspired by the visual expression and theme of the political debates in the American election campaign, and Hollywood. It was natural to use elements such as campaign slogans, references from the debate around the USA / Mexico wall, the police's attitudes, etc. The actual layout of the poster is shaped in Hollywood movie style. The wind turbines in the background have a reference to the wind farm at Fitjar. It has been much discussed, has put Fitjar on the map and is therefore a natural geographical reference.

Fitjarrevyen 2018

The Viking Age has deep roots on Fitjar. This year the layout was inspiration from the famous "Håkonarspelet". The poster visualized Vikings who had just returned from a voyage. Some bring "jomfurer i nød" while others may have missed the age and brought back a CD player? These teasers on the poster are explained through funny sketches in the revue.